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River Valley is an Edmonton company specialized in final grading and basic landscaping. We do hundreds of houses per year. Our business concept is to stick to the basics so we master them. It allows us to do much higher quality work a lot faster and thus much cheaper. All our final grades pass inspection the first time, and you don’t pay a dime until the certificate is in your hand.

Cheaper Price

Production determines price. We have our process down to a science, streamlined and efficient. We therefore bill less labour hours, less overhead recovery, and less profit per house than the competition. Higher price does not mean a better product, it means the company is not as specialized and must bill for slower production.

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River Valley

River Valley has full liability insurance and WCB coverage. We maintain a valid City of Edmonton business license and a positive Better Business Bureau rating.

Why hire a general do-all landscaper who will spend twice as long doing the job, leave a lower quality finished product, and charge you much more for it. We are the cheapest in Edmonton and maintain a high-end quality of work and business conduct.

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