About Us

River ValleyRiver Valley Final Grading began as a full service landscaping company called River Valley Landscape Construction Ltd. We built decks, fences, brick patios and retaining walls, laid sod, etc. River Valley has always conducted work with professionalism and perfectionism, and proudly does not have one unsatisfied customer to date.

Specializing in just final grading was a scary change for River Valley, as the entire company structure and marketing methods had to be revamped. We are now so glad we went this route, as specializing offers many benefits to both the company and the customer.

Due to refining our final grading process, the added efficiency allows us to greatly lower our prices far below what any standard landscaping company could. Currently our only competition price-wise are skid-steer owners operating from home, but we manage to price a little cheaper than most of them too.

This does not come at the cost of quality, in fact much the opposite. Any full service landscaping company will take on such a variety of jobs, and be generally starting the season with many inexperienced new workers. Throughout the season they may do a few sod jobs, a few brickwork jobs, fences, decks, etc. They learn the general process but never master them. They never get a streamlined system in place where everyone knows what to do and when. The result is a crew that is always learning or figuring the job out as they work, all summer long. The quality is often lower, and the costs are always higher.

The simple fact is people like the convenience of dealing with one contractor to take care of ALL their landscaping needs. What they often don’t realize is that they’re often paying double the price or more, and receiving a lower quality finished product. Piecing out the work to specialized companies may be slightly more work for the customer, but the benefits are huge.

If you choose to piece out your landscaping work or not, I urge you to at least piece out your final grade. It is done before any of the other landscaping work begins and must wait for city approval before any further landscaping, so there will never be any scheduling conflicts between our work and other landscapers. We handle everything and make the process so easy you don’t even have to do anything, and you WILL save money and you WILL receive a higher quality final grade.

  • We have now added other basic landscaping to our services to our lineup – sod & groundcovers, and edging. When planning this expansion of services we had to be very careful not to lose the core essence of our success – simplicity. The less variety a crew has to deal with, the better they get, the faster they get, and thus the cheaper we can provide the service to you at top notch quality.
  • When it comes to production, the less variety the better. But the customer always wants as much selection and variety as possible. We have spent much time planning and figuring out the best balance and crew configuration we saw fit to meet most of our potential customers.
  • We cannot be the best at everything for everybody. Instead of trying but ending up slow and costly, like most landscaping companies, we’ve decided to be selective with our work and be the best at a few things. The things most people want.
  • Our target market for final grading is ALL new home buyers. Our target market for further landscaping, however, are just the majority of new home owners. The ones that aren’t looking for anything fancy, but want the basics done cheap, fast, and properly. .
  • We will work with you to design any landscape concept you desire, provided it maintains the natural grade (no raised beds or retaining walls). Send us your design, choose your ground-cover materials and your edging, and you’re done. We leave the finicky shrub planting work to you to save you a lot of money. Many homeowners love doing this part themselves anyways.
  • Our goal with landscaping is to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible from quote to finished job for the average homeowner who just wants it done, but wants to know they have a professional design and a professional installation so they don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Please try our Quote section on this website to see how quick and easy you can get a firm and accurate quote specific to your needs.

When looking for a professional landscaper, you are not going to find a better company than us!